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The National Sleep helpline

This helpline can help you and your children to learn more about their sleep and develop better bedtime routines. Sleep is essential to brain function, by helping children to sleep better, we can help them to succeed in school.

October Half Term Eat to Meet holiday programme

There’s a great range of activities across the city including Halloween themed activities such as pumpkin carving, apple bob, halloween crafts making spooky masks, boxing, football, music, dance, cycling, cooking, podcasting, basketball, arts and crafts, drama, zumba, trips out and much more!

School crossing patrols

Please click below to see the leaflet for parents and drivers giving information regarding school crossing patrols, how they work and individual responsibility.

How to use the crossing patrols

View the post and click the link to see the PDF leaflet offering further information about how to use the crossing patrols, for both pedestrians and drivers.