Equalities Objectives

Mission Statement


In line with the Equalities Act, 2010 and the school’s Equality Policy and Public Sector Equality Duty commitment statement, the following objectives demonstrate the school’s focus on providing equal and inclusive educational and non-educational services in a non-discriminatory manner for all members of our school community.

These objectives have been arrived at following discussions with members of the school community, an analysis of pupil progress and a review of the school’s developing population over recent years. Progress against these objectives will be monitored termly by reports to Governors and will be formally reviewed annually over the next four years. The timescale and procedures for monitoring the objectives may be amended in the light of new guidance or changes to relevant legislation.

Equalities Resources

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Equalities Objectives

(September 2019)


Equality Information and Objectives Policy

(May 2021)


Equalities Statement

(September 2021-22)