Our Staff

Leadership Team

Role Name
Headteacher Mrs Rigby
Head of Teaching & Learning Mrs Gordon
Assistant Headteacher/ DSL Mrs Birch
Assistant Headteacher/KS2 Lead Miss Sillitoe
Assistant Headteacher/ SEND Coordinator Mrs Reilly
Assistant Headteacher/KS1 Lead/RE Coordinator
School Business Manager Miss Elson
Safeguarding Team – Child Protection Headteacher – Alyson Rigby
Safeguarding Lead – Mrs Birch
Deputy Safeguarding Lead – Mrs Gordon
Safeguarding Governor – Jeanette Riley
Chair of Governors Jeanette Riley
Governors Alyson Rigby
John Ridd
Paul Reilly
Natalie Erickson
Oluwashina Rufus
Philippa Agate
Charlotte Sillitoe                                           Rev Arthur FitzGerald

Teaching Staff

Year Class Teacher
Nursery Shooting Stars Miss Potter
Miss Lang
Reception Superstars Miss O’Kane
Reception Shining Stars Miss Kormi
Mrs Collins
Year 1 Record Breakers Miss McEntee
Miss Waite
Year 1 Quick Thinkers Ms Duncan
Miss Davison
Year 2 Golden Wonders Miss Gannon

Mrs Davidson

Year 2 World Beaters Miss Sharpes
Miss Kayleigh
Pastoral Team Lead: Mrs Birch
Mr Smith
Miss Cornett   Miss Duncan
Year 3 Olympians Ms Gibney
Year 3 Heroes Mrs Roscoe

Ms Haynes

Year 4 Inspirations Mrs Forbes

Miss Hartless

Year 4 Hotshots Miss O’Brien
Mrs O’Brien
Year 5 High Flyers Mr Ferry
Mrs Fagan
Year 5 High Achievers Miss Whittaker
Miss Butterworth
Year 6 Champions Mrs Birks
Mrs Briggs
Year 6 Whizz Kids Miss Sillitoe
Miss Ghazali
Additional Teachers


Learning Mentors




Mrs Murray

Mrs Hollywood

Mr Smith
Miss Cornett

Activities Team

Role Name
Early Birds Breakfast Club Leader: Miss Cornett
Miss Dooley
Miss Waite
Miss Laffertey
Sparkles After School club Leader: Miss Waite
Miss Dooley
Miss Lang

Admin & Lunchtime Staff

Role Name
Business Manager Miss Elson
Administrative Team Miss Lafferty

Miss Hayes

Mrs Hyseni

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistants Mrs Shields
Miss Evans
Miss Martin
Mrs Dooley

Site and Cleaning Staff

Role Name
Site Manager Mr Doyle
Cleaning Staff Mrs Lafferty
Miss Murray
Mrs Fitzsimmons
Miss Evans