School Values

Our Core Values

St Michael’s Catholic Primary School Community follows Jesus by living, loving, learning and working together.

Joy and Happiness:
Celebrating the gifts, skills and talents of all in our school community.

Friendship and Nurture:
High expectations for all in learning and behaviour.

Tolerance and Respect:
Relationships based on equality, trust and sincerity.

Peace and Forgiveness:
Always being willing to say sorry and rebuild a broken relationship.

Diversity and Equality:
Treat everyone the same.

Aspire and Courage:
Personal drive and passion inspiring all.

Integrity and Honesty:
Decisions and actions based on Christian values – ‘Doing the right thing’.

Word Cloud
  • Give yourself a new learning challenge every day.
  • Try as hard as you can.
  • Embrace the school’s annual “Aspire and Achieve” week.
  • Ask Questions and answer Questions
  • Believe in yourself and stick at things.
  • Encourage others.
  • Set yourself a goal.
  • Never give up- I can do it!
  • Wear your school uniform with pride.
  • Allow yourself to dream about what you want to be as an adult.
  • Be brave – take a risk with your learning.
  • Reach for the stars.
  • Always work hard, however difficult it may seen.
  • Be in school every day to achieve your goals.
  • Show comfort and encouragement to others.
  • Speak out when you know something is wrong.
  • Be respectful to other faiths
  • Treat everyone the same
  • Work together as one school family
  • Help new children to settle into school and feel part of school family
  • Celebrate all faith important occasions
  • Listen and value all opinions
  • Actively learn and listen about other faiths and cultures
  • Experience food from around the world
  • Learn key phases in other languages eg: Hello!’ and ‘Happy Birthday’.
  • Enjoy and participate in ‘Picnic around the World’.
  • Embrace and celebrate our differences & similarities.
  • All clubs are equal for boys and girls
  • Join in extra-curricular activities
  • Be caring to others
  • Share and smile
  • Enjoy the friendship benches and use them to make new friends
  • Celebrate birthdays
  • Be a buddy for new children to help settle them into school.
  • Respect yourself and others
  • Be an honest friend
  • Remember your manners when speaking to people
  • Listen to others if they are upset or worried
  • Providing an inclusive caring, safe and supportive environment
  • Older children are good example to others EG Fantastic Walking
  • No one is left out – include everyone
  • Play buddies making sure that children aren’t left alone during play time
  • Be willing to take turns
  • Do not blame others if not their fault –don’t just side with your friends
  • Know what is right and what is wrong
  • Be truthful with your friends
  • Be truthful about things you find hard in class-ask for help
  • Listen to and follow your conscience
  • Always tell the truth and be honest.
  • Speak out if something is wrong
  • Tell a member of staff about someone doing something wrong, even if it is your friend
  • Be tolerant
  • Own up if you have made a mistake or wrong choice
  • Tell a member of staff if someone hurts or upsets you
  • Be aware of other people’s feelings if you disagree with them
  • Be willing to share a smile with all you meet
  • Enjoy sharing your talents at sports day, in choir, reading events and lots more
  • Applaud children who achieve special certificates –praise others
  • Family fun nights for all of the school community
  • Use all talents in all areas of school life to achieve your best results
  • Talk to teachers when unhappy about something however small worry is.
  • Weekly celebration assemblies and joyful singing
  • Give people a friendly greeting e.g. good morning
  • Cheer on and support others
  • And remember Birthdays
  • Encourage parents to share their opinions on school life
  • Calm and orderly classrooms – stop signal etc;
  • Children learning in a peaceful and calm environment –including a calm corner
  • Show you are sorry by changing your actions and words
  • Be willing to say sorry and forgive others
  • Be a good role model for making peace – help anyone who is sad or lost
  • Be willing to share stuff with other children, any problems or concerns
  • Accept an apology
  • Be willing to listen to the views and opinions of others
  • Every day start fresh
  • Be patient & give people time
  • Try to be a peacemaker with friends everyday.
  • Show empathy to others
  • Don’t leave any children out of games
  • Play buddies helping to sort out arguments and disagreements with pupils
  • Sacrament of Reconciliation
  • Reflect upon the Catholic values in our society and use this knowledge to make good choices in life
  • Actively find out about different cultures, faiths and races
  • Recognise and celebrate achievement and success of all members of the school community
  • Respect your own things and things that belong to the school and others
  • Embracing British values
  • Follow school rule – ‘Be Respectful!’
  • Say “no” to bullying
  • Giving all children the opportunity to share their family’s traditions
  • Treat people how you would like to be treated –be kind!
  • Listen to other people and value their opinions
  • Show good manners – say please & thank you
  • Value the different faiths, cultures and languages in our school-celebrate that we all look different and come from different places

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St Michael’s Mission Statement

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