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Welcome to our Policies Page!

Welcome to the policy page, you can access all of St Michael’s policies from here. To navigate quickly to the type of policy you are looking for, select it from the Policies Menu below.

To View any document, just click on the name of the PDF. You will then have the option to Download or Print the file. You can access all of our policies and reports on this website, please contact the school if you would like any paper versions of our documents.




Arrival and Leaving

Art and Design

Assessment, Marking and Feedback.

Attendance and Punctuality


March 2019

Charging and Remissions

Child Protection

Children With Health Needs Who Are Unable To Attend School

Complaints Procedure

Cycle & Scooter Policy

September 2017


March 2021

Curriculum Subject Policies

March 2019
January 2020
February 2018
February 2018
March 2019

Data Protection

Design & Technology

EAL Policy

February 2020

Equal Opportunities Policy, Equality Statement and Objectives.

December 2019
September 2019

Educational School Visits

First Aid

March 2021

Freedom of Information

Health & Safety


December 2019

Intimate Care

November 2019

IT Acceptable Use and E-Safety

Looked After Children

Pastoral Care

October 2020

Reasonable Force

School Food and Healthy Eating

Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

School Privacy Notices

Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions

Young Carers

April 2018