Behaviour Policy Overview 2023

Good Behaviour

Why crush behaviours with punishment when you can grow them with love? Visible consistency with visible kindness allows exceptional behaviour to flourish.

Paul Dix, ‘When The Adults Change, Everything Changes’, 2017.

At St. Michael’s Catholic Primary School, we aim to grow positive behaviours with love in a happy, safe, caring, stimulating and inclusive environment for all. Promoting good behaviour amongst the pupils is a shared responsibility. All those who work with the school, governors, parents, the wider community and the children, all have a vital role to play. As members of the school community, all stakeholders should build positive relationships with each other and we expect each individual to respect others, their families, culture and beliefs, as part of the exceptionally high standards of behaviour that we have at St. Michael’s.

We believe that implementing the principles of Restorative Practice helps us to focus on building better relationships with each other, taking the time to ensure that every member of our school community feels listened to, valued and respected. We support pupils in developing the skills to maintain positive relationships with others and to resolve disagreements and problems themselves. It is our role to educate our pupils to understand how their behaviour affects others and its impact on others. Pupils are supported to identify ways they can put right the harm they have caused. We are helping them to become empathic, considerate people who have the skills to avoid and resolve problems independently.

Expectations for Behaviour- The 3 B's



  • To develop positive relationships through a restorative approach, which promote self-esteem, self-discipline and which establish clear expectations of all members of the school community.
  • Through shared expectations and a consistent approach we aim to promote a harmonious working environment where all can develop their skills of working both independently and cooperatively.
  • By creating a sensitive and supportive atmosphere, we want all children to be happy and confident with each other and in their work.
  • To establish a partnership approach which draws on all those involved with the school.
  • To provide systems which promote positive behaviour and which support all members of the school community.
  • To monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of our relationships and behaviour policy and procedures.

Behaviour Resources

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Behaviour Policy Overview

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