Collective Worship


Collective Worship at St. Michael’s is an invitation for all members of the school community – children, staff, parents and Governors – to reflect on God’s presence in our lives. Whilst respecting diversity of belief and commitment, our Collective Worship is Catholic in character reflecting the Liturgical tradition of the Church and having Jesus Christ at its centre (St Michael’s Catholic Primary School, Collective Worship Policy 2020).

Prayer and Liturgy is an integral part of the life of St Michael’s Catholic Primary school putting Christ at the centre of education, helping to create and sustain our Catholic ethos in every classroom.

Collective Worship at St Michael's

The legal requirement (Section 70 of the 1998 Education Act) is that, subject to the parental right of exclusion or other special arrangement each pupil in attendance at a school shall on each school day take part in an act of collective worship.

Collective Worship at St. Michael’s is much more than just a legal requirement. It is central to the Catholic tradition and lies at the heart of our school life, offering all members or our school community a place to listen to Scripture, reflect and pray. Therefore, it is key to the spiritual and moral development of our school community (St Michael’s Catholic Primary School, Collective Worship Policy 2022).

Prayer Life at St. Michael’s

Prayers in class daily – Morning Prayer, Grace before lunch & Hometime prayer.

MondayWhole School Worship led by Mrs Rigby.
TuesdayCollective Worship in class.
WednesdayCollective Worship in class.
ThursdayCollective Worship in class.
FridayWhole School Worship.

Collective Worship is planned and resourced around the Liturgical calendar, inviting participants to reflect and pray.


Prayer of the Week

7th-11th February

Collective Worship Resources

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Collective Worship Policy

May 2022


Themes for Collective Worship

Spring Term 2022