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Letter to Parents and Carers – Pupil Progress Telephone Calls for all parents/carers

Letters from the school


Dear Parent/Carer

I would like to invite you to our ‘Summer Term’ pupil progress telephone calls on ….


Year Group Class Teacher Date
Six Whizz Kids Ms Sillitoe Thursday 22nd April
Six Champions Ms Wright Thursday 22nd April
Five High Flyers Mr Ferry Thursday 22nd April
Five High Achievers Mrs Gordon Thursday 22nd April
Four Inspirations Ms Forbes Wednesday 21st April
Four Hot Shots Ms Duncan Wednesday 21st April
Three Heroes Ms Deans Tuesday 20th April
Three Olympians Ms Gannon Tuesday 20th April
Two World Beaters Ms Roscoe Monday 19th April
Two Golden Wonders Mr Joel Monday 19th April
One Record Breakers Ms McEntee Tuesday 20th April
One Quick Thinkers Mr Nice Tuesday 20th April
Reception Shining Stars Ms Turner Wednesday 21st April
Reception Super Stars Ms O’Kane Wednesday 21st April
Nursery Shooting Stars Ms Potter Monday 19th April

Tuesday 20th April


In light of our Covid Safe restrictions and regulations we cannot invite parents and carers into school for a typical parents meeting. But it is still very important we have an opportunity to share with you how your child has settled back into school and the progress they are making with their work.

It is also a great opportunity for you to ask any questions.

Each parent will be given a five minute time slot for a telephone conversation with the class teacher.

The teacher will call you from a school telephone at this time. The teacher will only be able to talk to you this time so they are not late for the next scheduled call. Please ensure you have your telephone on and are ready to take the call.

The teacher will make a maximum of two attempts to call you on the class dedicated day.

If you require a longer call the teacher will note this and arrange a follow up conservation on another day.