Come and See

The outcome of excellent religious education is religiously literate and engaged young people who have the knowledge, understanding and skills – appropriate to their age and capacity – to reflect spiritually, and think ethically and theologically, and who are aware of the demands of religious commitment in everyday life.
(Religious Education Curriculum Directory – for Catholic Schools, 2012)


At St Michaels’ we believe that the Catholic Religious Education provided by our staff is not merely an added extra that we offer to pupils. It permeates the whole life of our school-in all aspects of the curriculum and extra-curricular activities. It is conveyed in the values and attitudes incorporated into the way the school is structured and managed.

To fulfil our Aims and Objectives we use the ‘Come and See’ Programme of Religious Education recommended by the Archdiocese of Liverpool. The aim of this programme is to explore the religious dimension of questions about life, dignity and purpose within the Catholic tradition. Links are made with the pupil’s own experiences and with universal experience. Links are also made with the experience of other faith traditions. The programme is therefore both ‘objective’ and ‘subjective’.

For all children the programme will raise questions and provide materials for reflecting on their own experience. It will help them to explore the beliefs, values and way of life of the Catholic tradition and where appropriate, of other faith traditions. The programme does not presume that children come from committed Catholic families. For those from committed Catholic families, it will deepen and enrich their understanding and living of their faith.

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September 2023


Come and See